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About Thirdle

Thirdle is the most recent version of the addictive puzzle game Wordle. While most players find Wordle to be a tough and hard problem, Thirdle is considered a lower difficulty variation of Wordle since you just have to guess the word with three letters instead of five letters like in the original Wordle version. As a result, the game is regarded as a daily puzzle suitable for even children.

Thirdle, being an improved version of Wordle, shares the majority of the qualities that make Wordle such an addictive game. In this game, similar to Wordle, you must guess a word within a limited number of tries. The distinction is that you must guess the three-letter word in up to three tries, rather than six like in Wordle. This necessitates more caution in all of your decisions. Like Wordle, Thirdle's interface enables you to predict the correctness of the hidden word based on the color after each option. In addition to color, you may get guidance by pressing Hint at the top of the screen. But keep in mind that you can only use it once!

Thirdle also scores and statistics the winning percentage for each player. You may even issue a challenge to your friends by sharing it on social media. Do you believe you can be the top scorer in this challenging Thirdle crossword puzzle?

How to play

When you first begin playing Thirdle, there will be no indication of the keyword you must find. The first step is to take the first-word guess turn. Click the letters at the bottom of the screen to pick them up, then hit the Enter key. The letters you select will show in color depending on their location relative to the secret word. The color green shows that the letter is in the search term and in the right location. The letter red signifies that it is there in the secret word but has been misplaced. Letters that are not in the word to be guessed will be shown in black.

As a result, in the following guess, you must keep the blue letter in place, modify the orange one, and delete the black one. With each guess, you will restrict the range of words from which to pick and have a better chance of completing the problem.

Furthermore, if you are unsure about which letter to choose, you may use tips. Hints will notify you if a certain letter occurs in the keyword. And your task is to put it in the proper location.

Similar games with Thirdle

Do you want to challenge your brain and acumen? If you're interested in word search games like Thirdle, I'm sure you won't miss our addictive crossword puzzles:


Wordle is a basic letter-line game like other word puzzles. You have 6 lines of letters to figure out the correct day's phrase. If your English word becomes green, you're correct. If the color is yellow, it means that the expected word has identical letters but is coordinated in a distinct request. After each round of guessing, the tiles' colors change to show how near you are to the answer. Wordle's linking point is a table with 30 squares, 6 lines, and 5 sections, with letter tiles below.

Enter 6 words using the given letters. As a consequence, you may use the first five words to acquire ideas for their letters and arrangement. Then, finally, players prevail over the last chance to figure out the final phrase, and its coloring completely shifts to green. Can you find the hidden word in 6 tries?


Prepare with Dordle, a new Wordle version with intriguing puzzles and user-friendly changes. The player's aim is to predict the new word, then find the best answer and win. Everything you type will affect both boards at the same time, allowing you to advance in your guessing considerably faster. You'll have seven chances to properly identify the meanings of two words made up of five letters each. When you write letters that match those in the original word, they become yellow. They only become green if they are also in the correct position. One advantage of this enjoyable game is that you do not have to wait until the next day to play it again! Put your wits to the test and show the world what you're made of. Have a great time!


Quordle is a new online puzzle inspired by the famous word game Wordle. This is a more advanced version of Wordle, created by a group of Wordle fans. As a result, this game contains both Wordle features plus a new benefit. The game's rules state that you must finish four words in nine guesses. All of the words you are attempting to solve will be unique. Every guess you make is the same for each problem. If you write an incorrect term, the letters will be red. After a guess, the letters will be highlighted with quadrants to show which problem they refer to; grayed-out letters are in zero puzzles. Once you complete a problem, no further guesses will be utilized on it. Solve every puzzle within nine guesses to win!


Octordle is a popular variation on the classic Wordle game. In contrast to the original game, you must guess eight words simultaneously. The game is played on an eight-field grid, and your words are input into eight fields at once. You will get 13 chances to guess all of the hidden words. Are you sure you can figure out my secret keywords?


Nerdle is a Wordle clone that has made its way into study halls. In this game, you must correctly predict the mathematical equation 6 times in a row. Enter your own proper equation in each line to find out what numbers and arithmetic signs are in the equation. If a number or sign is in the equation but in the incorrect place, it will be marked in yellow. If there is neither a number nor a sign in the equation, the color will be grey. Can you solve the target equation in six tries?

Waffle Game

How many words can you recall? Waffle Game is an instructive word search game that combines Wordle with a crossword puzzle. Before the timer runs out, try to create as many words as you can with the letters provided. Make a very long word for extra points! Have a waffle-tastic time!


Redactle challenges you to discover a Wikipedia article that has been redacted, which is a challenging task. Despite the fact that Redactle teaches you some fundamental terminology (such as of, the, and in), you are still left in the dark at first. In addition to not knowing what the issue is, you have no idea what words to use to start. Right now, put your reading comprehension to the test!

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